CamIRa tm

The SE-IR CamIRa tm is a general purpose, high performance camera platform for operating and evaluating high performance infrared focal plane arrays.
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BIAS cards

There are 4 channels per card, software programmable from -10V to +10V. DAC resolution is 20uV.


CLOCK cards

There are 4 channels per card, software programmable high rails, low rail and slew rate. Clock rails programmable from -10V to +10V. Clock rail resolution is 4.88mV. Minimum clock swing 0.25V. Slew rates are programmable from 1nsec/V to 20nsec/V.


A/D cards


DIGITAL input card and custom inputs

16 bit digital input cards are available along with custom interfaces.



The trigger card allows trigger input for frame acquisition along with sync input for timing synchronization to external events. The board also has a software controlled 8 bit digital output port (TTL level).

(Small camera head electronics also available (2.75" x 4.125" x 6.125") for a number of FPAs.)


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Detailed product specification - Product price list - SE-IR home page

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