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SE-IR Corporation is a manufacturer of IR imaging systems, primarily for the evaluation, test and special operation of state of the art staring infrared focal plane arrays ( IR FPAs).

SE-IR Corporation offers a complete line of electronics and cryogenic equipment necessary to operate most of today's advanced IR FPAs including InSb, InGaAs, SLS, NBN, and MCT.

Acquisition rates up to 800MB/sec. Support for image sizes up to 64Mpixels.  Software includes electronic shutter speed control (integration time), variable frame rates, 2 pt NUC, AGC, live histograms, imagery and much more. Fully Automated radiometric test software is also available.

Fully programmable electronics includes Timing Pattern generators, A/Ds, digital decoding, Bias supplies, Clock drivers and frame grabbers. OEM camera electronics available for camera prototyping.

If you are just starting in Infrared testing you might be interested in:

Fundamentals of Infrared and Visible Detector Operation and Testing

Available on Amazon.

Windows 7 x86( 32 bit) and x64 (64 bit) now supported

GPU support for image processing kernels



IR Camera systems


Cryogenic dewars and equipment


Job openings


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